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Terms and Services

 This will show you terms to use our services. All users must agree with the terms and services:

1. We just provide SSH and VPN account.

2. All users must agree with the terms and services.

3. We not provide any tricks or tips to use SSH or VPN.

4. If the SSH or VPN does not work because you use it for Hacking, Carding, DDoS, Preaking and any more like that, we are not responsible for that reason.

5. We always make users data privacy secured.

6. We not provide any apps of SSH or VPN.

7. We not provide tutorial to use SSH or VPN. You can get tutorial in YouTube VPN Jantit or search on google.

8. Dont use our SSH or VPN to Hacking, Carding, DDoS, and any more like that.

9. Server that has label "No Torrent" it's mean every data that connect to torrent servers will be blocked.

10. We have authority to suspend or delete users service that disturb our website or our services.

11. If you have more than one Jantit Account, than you want to login please use other ip address..