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A proxy can accelerate the download and saving bandwidth.

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A proxy server helps you to connect to a VPN or ssh server with high speed. Why use a proxy? A proxy server works by tracking caches use over the network. A proxy will initially act as an intermediary, simply passing the client's request on to the server and saving a copy of the requested cache. If the same client or multiple clients request the same cache before it expires from Squid's cache, Proxy can then immediately serve it, accelerating the download and saving bandwidth.

Australia HTTP Show IP 8080,3128vpnjantit pe6pyCheck
France HTTP Show IP 8080,3128- -Check
Indonesia HTTP Show IP 3128,8888- -Check
Indonesia HTTP Show IP 8080,3128- -Check
Philippines HTTP Show IP 8888,3128,8080- -Check
Philippines HTTP Show IP 8080,3128- -Check
Singapore HTTP Show IP 3128,8080- -Check
Singapore HTTP Show IP 8080,3128- -Check
United Kingdom HTTP Show IP 8080,3128vpnjantit viotbCheck
USA HTTP Show IP 3128- -Check
USA HTTP Show IP 8080,3128- -Check
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